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What to expect from the interiors at The Ironworks

Tuesday March 14, 2023

The Ironworks Sheffield

We are delighted to share some of the inspiration behind the interiors at The Ironworks from our Creative Director, Joy Rawlings.

The Ironworks (formerly a foundry) and George Orwell’s account of Sheffield based on a visit in 1936, gave me the inspiration for Rise Homes’ latest development, due to complete in May of this year.

Linking the past with the present, the colour palette and furnishings were taken from the flames and sparks within a working foundry, black and grey to represent the soot and ashes, while the smoke and sapphire blue, sulphur yellow, orange and red the changing colours of a flame.

George Orwell in his diaries of the time refers to ‘the sinister magnificence of rosy sulphur’, ‘serrated flames, like circular saws, fiery serpents’ and ‘dark red, blackened by smoke’ to name but a few.

The theme of the interiors is modern industrial, using textures, metals and corten steel effects, a nod to Sheffield’s heritage. The branding, artwork, furnishings and graphics echo Orwell’s sentiments throughout the building.

Conditions were harsh and squalid at the peak of the steel industry, but Orwell saw beauty amongst the smoke and the grime. In a city that has vastly changed since those times, I hope we have managed to convey this.

Apartments at The Ironworks will be available soon, register your interest here!

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