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Why you should consider Sheffield for your next move 

Tuesday May 9, 2023

The Ironworks Sheffield

Are you contemplating a relocation? Have you considered Sheffield?

Not only is Sheffield home to The Ironworks, a regeneration project on the long-neglected site of the former Queens Hotel on Scotland Street but Sheffield also brings a unique mix of vibrant city life, green spaces and friendly diversity!

Check out our top reasons why Sheffield should be on your list of considerations:

Sheffield is officially the greenest city in the UK
A third of Sheffield sits in the Peak District National Park and has around 4.5 million trees – giving the city the highest ratio of trees to people of any European city!

Sheffield is a vibrant city
There really is something for everyone in the UK’s 4th biggest city. You’ll find theatres, cinemas and art galleries galore in the cultural district and of course, the undeniably great (and infamous) music scene that Sheffield has to offer.

Sheffield has lots of interesting heritage sites
Attractions range from the Sheffield Cathedral and Manor Lodge, to the National Emergency Services Museum and Weston Park Museum – lots to see and do!

Sheffield is home to world class sport
Sheffield is famous for its sports with a club in every major team sport in England from football to cricket to basketball.

Tempted to move to Sheffield? We have 229 one-and-two-bed furnished residential apartments as well as a handful of luxury two-bed duplex apartments available to rent from June 2023 – register your interest here!

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