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Announcing our Neighbourhood Apartments Service Partnership with Manchester City Council

Tuesday August 23, 2022

Route 1, The Depot, Manchester

Rise Homes and Manchester City Council have joined forces to provide the community with a new accommodation service. The new development builds on the existing Neighbourhood Apartment Service run by Manchester City Council providing some new flexibility around eligibility criteria.

The Neighbourhood Apartments Service is a short term, community-based accommodation service in Manchester. The purpose of Neighbourhood Apartments is to speed up hospital discharge for older people, deflect people from residential care when alternative forms of care are available, support a range of other health and care scenarios where a short stay would be beneficial e.g. people undergoing large adaptations to their home and would have had to go to temporary residential care, provide a discharge to assess opportunity to see how people manage in an independent living setting.

The service is being offered in five of our spacious apartments in the new Route 1 building at The Depot. A community team made up of Manchester City Council’s Reablement team, the Community Alarm service, social and support workers, occupational therapists, district nurses, is within reach to cater to each individual person and their needs. The service takes an innovative approach to support people who will benefit from continuing care in a community-based, recovery-focused environment. The aim of the service is to support people for a short period of time to maintain their independence and get back on their feet, in a safe and supported way.

The partnership follows other ground-breaking initiatives by Rise Homes, including several renewable district heating systems, the creation of secure contemporary post covid work spaces, development of the residential building with the largest area of living wall in the North of England, the use of zinc at The Depot, a partnership with TFGM, GMCA, SMBC and CityHeart to deliver the new park, bus station and apartments in Stockport, as well as bringing back into use both the redundant Stockport Sorting Office and the vacant tax office in Wolverhampton.

This project will support individuals whilst also bringing the Manchester community closer together. Rise Homes are delighted to have partnered with Manchester City Council to make this initiative happen.

The service was launched at The Depot on 4th August 2022.

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